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An Improved Smile Means Better Health

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Not Just About Your Appearance

Dr. Ogbara and the entire team at Windy City Dental Implants is proud to offer a full suite of cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, IL. As a skilled restoration dentist, he can perform a wide range of services, from teeth whitening to clear aligners and porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about improving the aesthetics of your smile. Many of these procedures can improve your overall oral health as well. Crooked and crowded teeth are havens for the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and they can be difficult to brush and floss. Meanwhile, a restoration dentist can use veneers to restore a crooked section of your bite, reducing jaw pain.

Advanced Technology for Your Perfect Smile

Windy City Dental Implants is proud to have an on-site dental laboratory that can help with all your cosmetic dentistry needs. From 3D printing clear aligner trays to milling custom dental crowns and bridges, Dr. Ogbara can often create your custom cosmetic dentistry solutions in a single visit.

These advancements in technology have even more benefits for you. In many cases, you can complete your cosmetic treatments more quickly than you might expect. If you need soft tissue surgery for gum recontouring, Dr. Ogbara will use his soft tissue laser to reduce your level of swelling and your recovery time. And all our staff are committed to continuing their education in the field of cosmetic dentistry, so you can be confident that they’ll be prepared for what the future may bring.

The Many Problems Restoration Dentistry Can Treat

We Make Aesthetic Dentistry Affordable

We believe that cosmetic dentistry should be within reach for all our patients at Windy City Dental Implants. That’s why in addition to our in-house lab, we work with many dental insurance providers and third-party financing solutions to make your treatment affordable.

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