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Restore Your Smile with Full Mouth Dental Implants

Bring a Smile Back to Your Face

How long has it been since you’ve smiled or laughed for photos? Have you been putting your favorite foods in a blender just so you can still eat them? Having a lot of missing or failing teeth can be a difficult burden. That’s why Dr. Ogbara is proud to offer full mouth dental implants in Chicago, IL.

 Dentures can be a short-term solution to tooth loss, but over the long term they can cause lasting issues such as jawbone recession. Full arch dental implants can last decades or even a lifetime, and they are the only tooth replacement solution that combines fixed support in your jawbone with strong, lifelike restorations.

Know Your Tooth Replacement Options

You have three primary options to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Traditional dentures are a “quick fix” that can ultimately cause more problems than they solve. Implant supported dentures combine the versatility of dentures with the stability of implants. And finally, full mouth dental implants sit all on four to six titanium posts that Dr. Ogbara surgically implants into your jawbone. Also called full arch dental implants, these are the longest-lasting, most lifelike solution to tooth loss.

Traditional Dentures

implant supported dentures

full mouth dental implants

Three Steps to Full Arch Dental Implants

The first step in getting a brand-new smile is to visit our dental implant center in Chicago, IL. Dr. Ogbara will be glad to show you around the office and help you feel at ease. You’ll discuss your medical history and the concerns you want to address. Then Dr. Ogbara will complete a series of cone beam CT scans of your mouth and jaw. This helps him precisely place your full mouth dental implants in the strongest parts of your jaw.

Next comes your surgery day. Dr. Ogbara will sedate you and perform any needed extractions and bone grafts. He’ll then implant four to six titanium posts in your jaw. You’ll come away from your full mouth dental implant surgery with a temporary restoration so you can get back to smiling right away.

After your jaw has the chance to heal, usually between three and six months later, you’ll come back to Windy City Dental Implants for your final restoration.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Can Be Affordable

The first question many patients ask about dental implants is how much they will cost. The answer to that is: less than you may expect! Because we have an on-site dental lab and multiple dental financing options to help break your payments down into manageable amounts, you may find dental implants to be within your budget after all.

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Dental Implants Gave Me The Immediate Fixed Full Arch Solution That I Needed!

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