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patient undergoing dental 3D scanning for dental procedure
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Customize Your Dentistry at Windy City Dental Implants

From creating affordable dental implants to milling custom crowns and other restorations, a dental lab can contribute a lot to the health of your smile. That’s why Windy City Dental Implants is proud to have one of the most advanced dental labs in Chicago, IL.

patient undergoing dental 3D scanning for dental procedure

A Full Mouth Dental Implant Lab

If you want to replace a full arch of teeth, our full mouth dental implant laboratory can provide you with lifelike, permanent restorations that you can smile about! By custom-milling your restorations in-house and utilizing advanced digital scans, our dentist can improve the chances that your dental implants will succeed. He can perform your dental implant surgery with less pain and faster recovery time than with older technologies.

Explore Our Advanced Dental Laboratory

We provide digital X-rays and cone beam CT scans to all our patients who need them. This enables Dr. Ogbara to efficiently place dental implants and track your oral health with less radiation.

With Waterlase technology, Dr. Ogbara can perform many dental procedures with less anesthetic, or none. With this technology in his dental lab, he can fill cavities, perform root canals, and do gum therapy with less pain and faster recovery time.

Our 3D printer is one of our dental lab’s crown jewels. Dr. Ogbara uses it to custom-print clear aligners and other dental products in-house, saving both time and money.

If you need restorations such as dental crowns or bridges, our lab’s custom milling machine can fabricate these while you wait in the office! You don’t need to wait days or weeks for an outside lab to create restorations anymore.

If you need periodontal treatment, tooth extraction or another surgical procedure, ask whether Dr. Ogbara can perform it using a soft tissue laser. This technology reduces your recovery time and the size of any incisions he must make.

Find Out What Technology Can Do For You.

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